“Gobi Oyu Development support fund” (DSF) was established on 25th of September, 2015 as a standalone legal entity to implement the Cooperation Agreement. Oyu Tolgoi LLC makes % million dollar financial contribution to the DSF per annum in accordance with clause 8.3 of the Cooperation Agreement.

“Gobi Oyu DSF” aims to contribute to the sustainable development of Umnugobi and Partner Communities by supporting and delivering efficient Projects and Programs that target health, education, training, employment, local business expansion support, environment and preservation of cultural heritage.


Together based on trust, we will contribute to a prosperous future for the South Gobi


Our fund sponsors cooperation-based development initiatives that promote and support the well-being of South Gobi people

Code of Conduct

1.    To avoid corruption
2.    To avoid any personal conflict of interest
3.    Evidence-based decision making using sound data
4.    To support the fair participation and equal opportunities without any discrimination for local citizens
5.    All project should be aligned with the Fund’s mission 
6.    Deliver approved projects in a way that meets agreed expectations